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Customer Service

Your product is not working as expected?

If you experience your system bought at IPC2U is not functioning in the certified way, we will help you to repair or to exchange it as soon as possible. In any matter please contact our technical support before shipping. 
Please proceed in the following manner:  

1. Keep the following information at hand to help our RMA department to assist you quickly: invoice number and description of malfunction.

2. Contact us via e-mail: 

3. Our RMA department will ask you for additional information depending in you individual case and will try to resolve the problem together with you or your technician on the phone.  

4. In case your problem could not be solved by phone: 

Return the device in the original package back to us and make sure to enclose a filled RMA form with following data (shipments with insufficient postage will not be accepted): 

  • Invoice-/Delivery note number 
  • Malfunction description 
  • Contact (Please fill all fields in the contact form.)

6. If the product is within the warranty and the mistake is covered by warranty terms we will repair the device free of charge and send it back to you, .  

7. If the warranty already expired, we will first inform you about the estimation of costs and adjust the further proceeding with you. 

8. If you accept the quotation, we will repair the device and return it back to you.


Support and Service
09:41 21.06.2024